Come Alive: 5 stars

Lego House: 5 stars, 1st place in Category, 10th Overall 

Viva La Vida: 5 stars, 1st in Category, 2nd Overall, Spectacular Sportsmanship Award

Used to be Mine: 5 stars, 1st in Category, 7th Overall

Aria: 5 stars, 2nd in Category, 3rd Overall, Power Pak Invitation 

Naida: 5 stars, 3rd in Category, 4th Overall, Power Pak Invitation

​​​​Hollywood Vibe 
Girls Day - Platinum, 1st in category, 1st overall
Feel like a Woman - Vibe award, 1st in category, 1st overall
The Other Side - Platinum, 3rd overall
No Moon - Platinum, 1st in category, choreography award,
1st overall

Cut Love- Platinum, 2nd in category, 3rd overall
Seaside - Platinum, 3rd in category, 5th overall
Hot - Platinum, 1st in category, 2nd overall
Won’t Back Down - Platinum, 1st in category, 3rd overall
Mine - Platinum, 1st in category, 1st overall
Darkness Comes - Platinum, 1st in category, 1st overall

Alyssa - Platinum, 1st in category
Sadie - High gold, 3rd in category
Hunter - Platinum, 1st in category
Alexis - Platinum, 3rd in category
Ellie - Platinum, 1st in category
Maia - Platinum, 1st in category

5th place junior overall - Alexis
3rd place junior overall - Hunter
3rd place intermediate overall - Maia

Kaycee - Vibe award, 1st in category
CC - Platinum, 3rd in category 
Caroline - Vibe award, 2nd in category
Elle - Vibe award, 1st in category
Mekinna - Platinum, 2nd in category 

4th teen overall - CC
2nd teen overall - Caroline
1st teen overall - Kaycee

5th senior overall - Izzy
3rd senior overall - Mekinna
2nd senior overall - Elle

Alexis - Regional scholarship, agency finalist
Alyssa - Grand prize winner scholarship, agency finalist
Hunter - Team scholarship
Sadie - Regional scholarship 

Abbee - Team scholarship, agency finalist 
Maia - Class scholarship
Rachael - Agency finalist
Clara - Scholarship finalist

Asia - Regional scholarship
Caroline H - Dancer of the year winner
CC - Team scholarship
Lian - Agency finalist
Lyla Mae - Scholarship finalist
Abby A - Agency finalist
Greer - Half off scholarship
Kaycee - Grand prize winner, agency finalist

Mekinna - Dancer of the year winner 
Emmy - Half off scholarship 
Izzy - Ballet class scholarship, agency finalist
Kaitlin - Scholarship finalist

Studio 7 Dance AT COMPETITION!

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Dance Makers Inc.

​​Justin's National Junior Scholarship
Alyssa Debruin

Justin's National Senior Scholarship
Mekinna Knight
Kathryn's National Senior Scholarship
Asia Kayanan

Dejan's National Teen Scholarship
Caroline Halloway
Clifton's Audition Scholarship
Olivia Lancashire
Audition Regional Scholarship
Leah Nowell
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior Class
Sadie Nerenberg
Audition regional Scholarship - Teen Class
Kaycee Nieuwendyk

We are your creative compound

West Coast Dance Explosion

Ellie-5 stars, 1st in category, elite dancer runner up
Sophie -superstar, 1st in category, 1st overall, score 295/300, Elite dancer scholarship
Maia -superstar, 2nd in category, 3rd overall, elite dancer runner up 
Hunter -5 stars,3rd in category, most unique ,elite dancer runner up
Clara -superstar,1st in category, best technique,2nd overall

Abbee -superstar, 2nd in category, best artistry,4th overall
CC -5 stars, 1st in category, Genre Elite Dancer Winner
Avery -superstar, 1st in category,3rd overall
Caroline -megastar, 1st in category, most unique,1st overall, broadway dance scholarship,

elite dancer scholarship, soloblast winner, score 298/300
Kaycee -megastar, 2nd in category, best technique, 2nd overall, elite dancer scholarship, score 298/300
Emmy -superstar, 3rd in category, 4th overall, elite dancer runner up scholarship
Mekinna - superstar, 2nd in category, best technique,2nd overall, elite dancer scholarship 
Izzy -superstar, 3rd in category, 3rd overall, year long scholarship 

Dance Genre Champion 

Another One Bites the Dust- 5 stars, 1st in category, 1st overall 
Verified-superstar, 1st in category, super sassy, 1st overall 
No Moon-superstar, 1st in category, best artistry,1st overall 
Like a Woman-superstar, 1st in category, 2nd overall 
What is Cool?-superstar, 1st in category, most unique,1st overall 
Hot-superstar, 1st in category, entertainment,2nd overall
I Won’t-superstar, 1st in category, best technique, 1st overall , highest scoring group, picked for closing show
Sugar&Spice-superstar, 1st in category, 2nd overall
Mine-superstar, 1st in category, 1st overall 
Demons-superstar, 2nd in category, best artistry,2nd overall 
Asia-Elite Dancer
Sadie, Menlie-National Scholarship 
Rachael, Sophia, Abby, Campbell, Naida, Alyssa, Lauren- Runner up Elite Dancer

The Studio school 1,000 scholarship
Kaycee N. 

AMDA scholarship 
Tess R.

Elle acceptance to the studio school. 

AMDA 20,000 
Elle H.

Groundworks7 awarded Studio of the weekend for the Advanced level 

Artists in training finalist Winners 
Alyssa D. 
Sadie N. 

Juniors winners 
Kaycee N. 
Asia K. 
Caroline H. 
Hunter H. 
Beatrice A.
Tess R.

Seniors Winners 
Elle H. 
Tess w. 



Overall High Score for their

Contemporary 'I Won't' 

Pre-Teen Group Awards
Duo/Trio Category 2nd Place -- 'The Other Side'
Duo/Trio High Score -- 'Girls Day'
Group Category 3rd Place -- 'No Moon'
Group High Score -- 'Like A Woman'
Line High Score -- 'Verified'
Teen Group Awards
Duo/Trio Category 3rd Place -- 'Cut Love'
Line High Score-- 'Sugar & Spice'
Teen High Score -- 'Hot'
Senior Group Awards
Duo/Trio Category 3rd Place -- 'Darkness Comes'
Overall High Score
I Won't


Artist Simply Human

Abby - Story Teller

Abbee Clumsy - Entertainment Pick
Izzy - Technical Execution
Avery - Technical Execution

Trinity Soothesayer - Choreography Pick
Greer Footnote - Choreography 
No Moon - Choreography

Sadie Wild Hearts - Stand Out Routine
Kaycee Back in Black - Stand Out Routine
Caroline Blind - Stand Out Routine
Trinity & Mekinna Darkness Comes - Stand Out Routine

Like a Woman - Stand Out Routine
Won’t Back Down - Stand Out Routine

No Moon - Studio Selection 

Trinity Taken Care - Judges Choice
Hot - Judges Choice

Faculty pick. (National Scholarship) 
Clara B. 
Abbey A.
Lian H.

Millennium Scholarship 1 week of unlimited classes 
Kaycee N.


Solo Awards

Miss Teen 3th Runner Up -- Caroline Holloway 'Braid'
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner Up -- Ellie Nerenberg 'Breakable'

Miss Pre-Teen 9th Runner Up - Hunter Huckin
Style High Score Awards -- Pre-Teen Duo/Trio
The Other Side
Girls Day
Style High Score Awards -- Pre-Teen Group
Like A Woman
Style High Score Awards -- Pre-Teen Line

Hot Honey Rag

Style High Score Awards -- Teen Group
I Won't
Style High Score Awards -- Teen Line
Style High Score Awards -- Teen Production
Sugar & Spice

Sophie- 5th overall junior solo
Ellie- 8th overall junior solo
Another one bites dust- 1st overall mini duet
Demons- 3rd overall senior group
Darkness Comes- 2nd overall senior duet 
Hot- Dj’s pick, best nu group, studio pick, chosen for closing show

Stand out contemporary scholarship-
Caroline Holloway 
Olivia Lancashire 
Ella Randle 
Jacqui Phillips

Stand out jazz scholarship-
Maia Karmis
Izzy Kenna
Trinity Bray
Stand out ballet scholarship-
Clara Bolivar
Abbee Merryman 

Mini breakout artist winner- Alyssa Debruin
Mini breakout artist finalist- Sadie Nerenberg, Alexis Cary,

Hunter Huckin 
Junior breakout artist finalist- Sophie Garcia, Ellie Nerenberg 
Teen breakout artist finalist- Kaycee Nieuwendyk, Asia Kayanan,

Abby Alexander
Senior breakout artist finalist- Louise Phillips, Leah Nowell