1st:Open enrollment for the 2019 - 2020 Arts & Academics Program

2nd: Performance CAS Christmas Show - Breakfast with Santa at Northpark

​21st: Arts & Academics Christmas Party

24th - Jan 4th: Studio Closed - Christmas Break


11th CAS Friday Valentines Day Rehearsals begin. 4:15 - 6:15

12th CAS Saturday Valentines Day Rehearsals begin.10am to 12pm

13th CAS Sunday Valentines Day Rehearsals begin. Pro Team 2 to 4 pm


17th Valentine's Day Show CAS Performance Team

we are your creative compound

Here’s some of the awards:
Ellie-5 stars, 1st in category, elite dancer runner up
Sophie-superstar, 1st in category, 1st overall, score 295/300, Elite dancer scholarship
Maia-superstar, 2nd in category, 3rd overall, elite dancer runner up 
Hunter-5 stars,3rd in category, most unique,elite dancer runner up
Clara-superstar,1st in category, best technique,2nd overall
Abbee-superstar, 2nd in category, best artistry,4th overall
CC-5 stars, 1st in category, Genre Elite Dancer Winner
Avery-superstar, 1st in category,3rd overall
Caroline-megastar, 1st in category, most unique,1st overall, broadway dance scholarship, elite dancer scholarship, soloblast winner, score 298/300
Kaycee-megastar, 2nd in category, best technique, 2nd overall, elite dancer scholarship, score 298/300
Emmy-superstar, 3rd in category, 4th overall, elite dancer runner up scholarship
Mekinna-superstar, 2nd in category, best technique,2nd overall, elite dancer scholarship 
Izzy-superstar, 3rd in category, 3rd overall, year long scholarship 
Dance Genre Champion

Another One Bites the Dust- 5 stars, 1st in category, 1st overall 
Verified-superstar, 1st in category, super sassy, 1st overall 
No Moon-superstar, 1st in category, best artistry,1st overall 
Like a Woman-superstar, 1st in category, 2nd overall 
What is Cool?-superstar, 1st in category, most unique,1st overall 
Hot-superstar, 1st in category, entertainment,2nd overall
I Won’t-superstar, 1st in category, best technique, 1st overall , highest scoring group, picked for closing show
Sugar&Spice-superstar, 1st in category, 2nd overall
Mine-superstar, 1st in category, 1st overall 
Demons-superstar, 2nd in category, best artistry,2nd overall 
Asia-Elite Dancer
Sadie, Menlie-National Scholarship 
Rachael, Sophia, Abby, Campbell, Naida, Alyssa, Lauren- Runner up Elite Dancer

  • December 18th - January 2nd: Arts & Academics Christmas Break

  • February 18th: CAS Valentines Day Show


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Congratulations to our elite dance team,

Groundworks7 at west coast dance explosion!

Congratulations to our Arts & Academics students for starRing in the new WEB SERIES  

'Molly & Pip'